Five national groups of students will participate in the IP. The students will have to work in national groups before and after the IP, completing a pre-IP project and preparing an IP final report respectively. During the IP all students will be divided into multinational groups in order to obtain integration which is one of the EU goals.

The project will enable future teachers and pedagogues to learn about the concept of SD from an educational perspective. They will learn about different aspects of SD, including social, environmental and economic. The participants will analyze the strategies of implementing the concept of SD in educational perspective in different countries. They will have a chance to share their experience in this area with other participants. Visits and field trips will enable them to create links between universities and institutions offering different possibilities of supporting theory and practice of SD.

Students will also have the possibility to improve their command of English and to learn how to make a presentation on a given subject, which will be very useful in their future jobs. The participants will learn, as well, how to work in international teams, how to apply their knowledge and work for the benefit of future society.
Here you can find and download a list of students recruited for IP 2013, divided into multinational groups. -> [.pdf] (the latest version, 16 May 2013)
”Education for sustainable development” is addressed to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree students in the fields of education, teacher training, childcare. Partner universities have made recruitment. After a preliminary interview with an academic teacher the students were asked to fill in an Application Form including their motivation for participation. Student learning records, knowledge of English and motivation were recruitment criteria. A Learning Agreement form were used, too.

It has been planned to include 10 students from University of Technology and Humanities of Radom (the Faculty of Philology and Pedagogy) and 5 students from each partner university. However it's confirmed that there have been recruited 12 students of UTH Radom. Therefore, participants could be comprised of the following: a total of more than 30 students, and 4 international teachers plus 2 teachers of UTH Radom (6 academics in total).

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