Here you can find educational materials for the IP, published for all students and teachers. They are available for free, also for other interested persons.
  • Learning for the future: Competences in Education for Sustainable Development, a UNECE report, 2011 -> [.pdf]
  • Social inclusion versus social exclusion. School and society, by N. Martinjak -> [.pdf]
  • People, the economy and our planet. Sustainable development insights from socio-economic sciences and humanities, by European Commission -> [.pdf]
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), by Geertje Nijhoving -> [.pdf]
  • How to valuate students’ abilities - looking for a hidden treasure, by Anna Zamkowska -> [.pdf]
  • Strategies of developing a culture valuing peers relationships, by Anna Zamkowska -> [.pdf]
  • Education for economic sustainability. Sustainable development of technological capital. Modern ICT tools – advantage or disturbance, by Katarzyna Ziębakowska-Cecot -> [.pdf]
  • What kind of environmental projects can be developed at school? Presentation of Jan Kochanowski Public Secondary School Nr 1 in Pionki, Poland, as an example of good practices -> [.ppt]
:: USEFUL LINKS (to english materials)
  • Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, WWW
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature, WWW
  • Environmental News Network, WWW
  • Greenpeace offical website, WWW
  • Earth Day 2013, WWW

  • IP 2013 pictures, not edited -> [.zip]

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