Students of each University are obliged to prepare some pre-IP work and present it during the IP. The objective is to study the materials concerning SD issues (see „teaching materials”).

Before the IP students are supposed to start their work on the portfolio. Here you can find IP portfolio assignments prepared by prof. Rafael Sondervorst -> [.pdf]

During 2 weeks of an IP, a group of undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students from each partner university will gain knowledge about implementation of the concept of SD into education and develop their own ideas about the best possible implementation of social and cultural cohesion, environmental responsibility and economic efficiency in the educational environment.

Students will exchange information about ways of implementing the principles of SD in schools operating in different EU countries and will try to find the best ways to shape the awareness of their future students in this area.

They will be taught how to equip their future students with information about SD, and how to develop their pro-ecological attitudes.

Future teachers will be given lectures provided by international teaching staff on the implementation of the concept of SD into education, as well as ways of strengthening social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being in educational settings.

During a number of group work sessions students will exchange their knowledge about implementation of different aspects of SD into schools and curricula in indifferent EU countries. Visits to primary and secondary eco schools in Zagreb give the opportunity to study how Croatian schools introduced the topic of SD into their educational environment and curriculum.

The students, through a series of group work sessions, master their didactical skills in planning lessons on SD and preparing innovative didactical materials. By using microteaching techniques, they will have a chance to develop teaching skills and analyze their lessons. They’ll learn about theory and practice of good evaluation.

During a field trip to the Eco Island Krk, students will have the opportunity to learn about enhancing environmental awareness and strengthening social capital in Croatian society.

Students will learn about forms of assessment (portfolio and peer assessment). They will exchange experiences in an international team of lecturers and students.

The students will master various transversal skills (language, cooperative and communicative, self-studying skills). They take advantage of different source of information (visits to schools, field trips).

Acquired knowledge, skills and experience ensure that they will become more attractive employees at the international labour market.

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