”Education for sustainable development” is addressed to bachelors, masters and doctoral degree students in the fields of education, teacher training, childcare. Partner universities have made recruitment. After a preliminary interview with an academic teacher the students were asked to fill in an Application Form including their motivation for participation. Student learning records, knowledge of English (B1 level) and motivation will be recruitment criteria. A Learning Agreement form were used, too.

It has been planned to include 10 students from University of Zagreb (the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences) and 5 students from 4 other participating universities. Therefore, participants could be comprised of a total of 30 students.
Within their self-study time, students will develop portfolio and within group work lesson plans and didactical materials on SD. Feed-back and evaluation of the microteaching will be held after each teaching practice at schools, so lessons led by each student will be evaluated by the teacher and a group of international students. The students will develop criteria for evaluating the didactical effects of IP.

Final day will be totally devoted to evaluation and will contain the following parts:
  1. Sharing portfolio in groups (pick up a special didactical effect).
  2. Evaluation of didactical effects of IP using the criteria developed during group work.
In final evaluation of the IP following elements will be taken into account:
  1. evaluation of students’ lesson plans and lesson conduct,
  2. active attendance in the IP,
  3. assessment of the portfolio.
All students with positive final records will be issued a Certificate confirming their participation in the IP. 4 ECTS will be awarded to those students who will positively complete the IP.

Deans of the Faculties at partner universities will be asked to issue a confirmation letter stated that 4 ECTS awarded to student on completing the IP will be recognized at their home university. Participation in the IP will be put in Student Diploma Supplement, too.

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